Curating the Campus

“Curating the Campus” is an experimental exhibition platform for contemporary artistic practices and the key interface between the FHNW Academy of Art and Design and an interested public.

The conventional role of a school of art has been to provide study paths to artists, who are then discovered, adopted and promoted by the art establishment. “Curating the Campus” intervenes with this traditional role of the Academy and actively engages in generating a contemporary art scene: it casts contemporary art into the centre of social and political discourse, brings new energy to the public discussion of research-based art strategies, and foregrounds itself as a discursively significant institutional key player. The HGK FHNW puts emphasis on the platform of exhibiting as a medium of public positioning, highlighting the artistic values to which the Academy ascribes social relevance.

This platform on the Campus of the Arts is provided with spaces for exhibitions, workshops, conferences, film screenings, lectures, artist talks, interventions and performances that showcase semester presentations, research-projects and diploma shows. At the same time, the HGK FHNW uses these spaces to exhibit external, emerging international artists on campus with a view to integrating artists from diverse backgrounds and with different approaches into the life of the Academy. Symposia and publications complement the exhibition activities. “Curating the Campus” is moderated by Prof. Chus Martinez, director of the Institute of Art.

Further information and a full programme of our exhibition space Der TANK  is available by following this link.

Campus der Künste 
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW
Freilager-Platz 13 | Pavillon
4023 Basel

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