The HGK FHNW is a site of conceptualization, production and critical reflection.

The FHNW Academy of Art and Design sees itself as vibrant breeding ground for ideas, as a cultural-political catalyser and as a seismograph detecting socially relevant fields in art, design and science that are then refined, processed and communicated in an exemplary fashion through theory and practice. On the basis of differentiated perception and reflection, personal vision and understanding, the Academy sees its role as facing today’s challenges through a variety of creative spaces and professional perspectives.

The HGK FHNW is a place for dialogue – between students and teachers, disciplines and cultures, academia and the public.

As part of an international network, the Academy consciously seeks out exchange with leading partner institutions that operate within a similar critical discourse, pioneer solutions for future contexts and cultures, and are actively opinion-forming. Where teaching is lived and communicated as a synergetic process moving between society, art, politics and the economy. Central to the Academy’s social mission is the education of future generations of independently-minded and confidently competent artists and designers.

For more detailed information on FHNW Academy of Art and Design please visit the main website:

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