Neue Vortragsreihe: Informationsdesign

Die neue Lecture Series am Institut Visuelle Kommunikation widmet sich dem Thema „Informationsdesign“. Es werden sechs renommierte Studios aus Basel, Bern, London, Arnehm, Amsterdam und Berlin zu Gast sein. Diese geben Einblick in Projekte, in deren Zentrum die Vermittlung von Informationen und die Visualisierung von Daten stehen.

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, Freilager-Platz 1, 4023 Basel
Hochhaus, Aula, D 1.04

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23. Februar 2017, 17:15 Uhr
Stefanie Posavec, London

Stefanie Posavec moved from the US to London to complete an MA in Communication Design (Central Saint Martins) in 2004 and never went home. With a background in book design and text visualisation, she works as a designer with a focus on data-related design, with work ranging from data visualization and information design to commissioned data art and data illustration for a variety of clients.

Her personal work focuses on the visual representation of language, literature, or numbers and has been exhibited internationally. Posavec exhibited at MoMA, helped making an app for Stephen Fry, and designed some Jack Kerouac book covers (her teenage self can now die happy).

23. März 2017, 17:15 Uhr
Onlab, Berlin

Onlab is a Swiss graphic design studio with a strong focus on content, narrative and visual quality, created by Nicolas Bourquin in 2001 in Berlin. In June 2016, Canja Golubovic & Thibaud Tissot co-founded a new studio in Geneva, while Christine Gückel-Daxer took over the managing direction of the Berlin office. The Studios work on commissioned, collaborative and self-initiated design projects, mainly in the cultural areas of editorial design and visual communication. Works and projects range from books, magazines to exhibition design, posters, data visualisations, and visual identities.

The onlab team is driven by a deep involvement in linking content and production aesthetics with elements of topicality, following a cross-medial approach, overlooking the broadest range of medial possibilities. They analyse and investigate content für seeking out threads of narrative and alternative approaches to visualise a story.

20. April 2017, 17:15 Uhr
Catalogtree, Arnhem

Catalogtree is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Arnhem (NL) and Berlin (DE). It was founded in 2001 by Daniel Gross and Joris Maltha who met at Werkplaats Typografie. Nina Bender joined the studio in 2011. The studio works continuously on commissioned and self initiated projects. Highly interested in self-organising systems they believe in ‚Form Equals Behaviour‘.

Experimental tool-making, programming, typography and the visualization of quantitative data are part of their daily routine. Recent endeavours include bin-packing a book design, etching chladni patterns and auto-detecting helipads in satellite footage of São Paulo. Daniel and Joris are teaching at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL) and are giving international lectures and workshops.

4. Mai 2017, 17:15 Uhr
YAAY, Basel

YAAY is an information design agency based in Basel. YAAY’s aim is to simplify, consolidate and restructure complex information with a creative, thoughtful and attractive design approach. The Team provides comprehensive, long-lasting and information-oriented communication solutions. They continuously explore and develop new forms of design by analyzing, structuring and contextualizing data.

Their interdisciplinary and intercultural team has a strong emphasis on aesthetics; because we know that well processed and consciously designed information offers a better perception and insight for both internal and external stakeholders. Through an aesthetically well-wrought design it is possible to create experiences that visualize complex information and make it tangible and holistic – either analog or digital.

18. Mai 2017, 17:15 Uhr
Joost Grootens, Amsterdam

Joost Grootens studied architectural design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. He established Studio Joost Grootens (SJG) in 1995. In 2010 Joost Grootens was appointed head of the Master Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. Since 2015 Joost Grootens is a PhD candidate in Artistic Research at the University Leiden and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Next to designing digital information environments, maps, typefaces and spatial installations Studio Joost Grootens works primarily in the field of book design.

Studio Joost Grootens is constantly challenged to develop appropriate formats that justify the production of printed material, acknowledging the growing need for visual representation of data. The books they make present knowledge, but they also question the relevance of typologies such as catalogues, indexes and atlases as part of an ongoing research process. Studio Joost Grootens likes to deal with complexity, showing that it is a misconception to assume that something complex should look complicated.

8. Juni 2017, 17:15 Uhr
Hahn + Zimmermann, Berne

Hahn + Zimmermann is a cooperation between Barbara Hahn and Christine Zimmermann, founded in 2008.

In the field of communication design Hahn + Zimmermann are conceiving and designing predominantly printed matters such as books, annual reports, magazines, posters, corporate identities and information material. Specific and targeted graphical concepts are being developed – always based on the content which has to be communicated – and realized with accuracy and high diligence. In the area of visualization they are mainly concerned with the development of new presentation forms for quantitative and qualitative data and information. Adequate visualizations can help to analyze and communicate complex information and thus enable a new approach or generate new knowledge about a subject matter.

Since 2007 Hahn + Zimmermann have been initiating and carrying out research projects for the Berne University of the Arts within the research area communication design. Besides an exploration of the rarely exploited potential of visualization they are within these projects also involved with the advancement of the working methods of their own discipline – visual communication respectively the research field knowledge visualization.
Moreover they are teaching bachelor and master students of different universities in workshops on Information Visualization and Visual Analysis as well as giving lectures on our (research) projects.

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