Photo: Kenneth Goldsmith: Printing Out The Internet, Mexico City, 2013 © Marisol Rodriguez


My name: Kenneth Goldsmith

My background – in one sentence: Outlaw

What I am currently working on – in one sentence: Trying either to dig myself out of the very deep hole I find myself in or else surrender to the darkness.

What I will read next, and you should, too: Orientalism by Edward Said

A website that I highly recommend:

Considering artistic activities while observing the actual cultural, societal, political and economical processes, how can POETRY actively make a contribution to the challenges of our time? 
The artist can no longer assume that he or she is speaking to a specific audience. In the time of social media, everybody knows everything. One must think deeply before speaking.

Link to my website:

My work: It’s all literature.

Further information: UNCREATIVE WRITING UND NEW WRITING GROUP – Workshop and open lecture with Kenneth Goldsmith at the Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design

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