Pier Luigi Sacco

Pier Luigi Sacco is Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University Milan, Scientific Director of Fondazione Campus, Lucca, and member of the Cultural Economics Technical Committee of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage and of the European Expert Network on Culture for the European Commission. He is regularly visiting the School of Humanities of Harvard University to develop an innovative program in Applied Humanities and Cultural and Creative Production. With Carlos Basualdo and Angela Vettese, he has been the scientific founder and board member of the Faenza International Festival of Contemporary Art.  He is in the editorial board of Creative Industries Journal and of International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries, among others. He has published widely in international journals and edited books on the themes of cultural policy and culture-led development and is a keynote speaker and consultant worldwide on the same topics, including official policy conferences organized by the EU Semesters of Presidency of Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, and Latvia; the DG EAC and DG Connect of the European Commission; The Council of Europe; UNESCO; and the Open Method of Coordination of the European Commission, among others.

Day 1 | 18 June 2015

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