Vis_com Lecture Series: ALT-OUTPUT

Was passiert, wenn sich programmierte Codes am Computer verselbstständigen? Lassen sich so alternative Möglichkeiten der Darstellung finden?
Immer donnerstags ab 17.15 Uhr werden diese experimentellen Metaräume betreten …


22. März mit !Mediengruppe Bitnik
Berlin-based !Mediengruppe Bitnik (read – the not Mediengruppe Bitnik) are contemporary artists working on, and with, the Internet. Their practice expands from the digital to physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms.

In the past they have been known to subvert surveillance cameras, bug an opera house to broadcast its performances outside, send a parcel containing a camera to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and physically glitch a building. !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s works formulate fundamental questions concerning contemporary issues.

Their works are shown internationally, most recently in exhibitions at Eigen + Art Lab Berlin, House of Electronic Arts Basel, Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, Aksioma Ljubljana, Annka Kultys Gallery London, Kunsthaus Zurich, FACT Liverpool, Onassis Cultural Center Athens, Public Access Gallery Chicago, Kunstverein Hannover, Nam June Paik Art Center South Korea, Fondazione Prada Milan, Shanghai Minsheng 21st Century Museum.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik are Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo. Their accomplices are the London filmmaker and researcher Adnan Hadzi and the reporter Daniel Ryser.


5. April mit Agathe Jarczyk
Agathe Jarczyk is a Conservator of Modern Materials and Media. Since 2008, Jarczyk is the owner of the “Studio for Video Conservation“ (Atelier für Videokonservierung GmbH) in Berne, Switzerland. Her studio focuses on conservation treatment and caretaking of video artworks for numerous Swiss and international museums and collections.

Since 2011, she is lecturer at the Department for Conservation and Restoration at the University of the Arts, Berne. Between 2010 to 2012, Jarczyk worked as a conservation researcher in a number of national research projects, including “Vacuum freeze drying as a first aid measure for water damaged magnetic tapes – developing a new method for saving endangered archive stock” (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) and “Developing durable Foodstuffs for Contemporary Art”. Besides different articles on practical aspects on the conservation of video art, Jarczyk is a co-author of the “Compendium of Image Errors in Analogue Video”, published in 2013.

19. April mit Jerobeam Fenderson & Hansi3D
Jerobeam Fenderson is a sound artist and electrical engineer based in Graz. His work blurs the line between music and mathematics to open up new possibilities for the structuring of sounds and their visual representation. Since 2013, he’s been active in the field of “Oscilloscope Music”, where images are drawn through the sound waves of the music and displayed on an analog cathode ray oscilloscope to achieve the closest possible correlation of image and sound. The project resulted in an audiovisual album, which was released in 2016, as well as live performances.

Hansi Raber works on the boundary between digital arts and computer engineering. The time is split between contract work with a strict focus on efficiency and functionality, while his own pieces are usually centered around playful, simple interactions with no real goals. His primary domain has become digital audio.

Over the span of four years Jerobeam Fenderson and Hansi3D have created ever more elaborate techniques to explore this largely uncharted field of audiovisual music, resulting in the aforementioned album, as well as the unique 3D-audio software OsciStudio.

24. Mai mit Lauren McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy is an artist based in Los Angeles and Brooklyn whose work explores social and technological systems for being a person and interacting with other people. She makes software, performances, videos, and other things on the internet. She is the creator of p5.js. Lauren has exhibited at Ars Electronica, Conflux Festival, SIGGRAPH, Onassis Cultural Center, Art Center Nabi, IDFA DocLab, among others. She holds an MFA from UCLA and a BS Computer Science and BS Art and Design from MIT. Lauren is an Assistant Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts. She is a Sundance Institute Fellow and was previously a resident at CMU STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Eyebeam, Autodesk, NYU ITP, and Ars Electronica / QUT TRANSMIT³.

6. Juni mit Gysin & Vanetti
Both born in 1975, Andreas Gysin and Sidi Vanetti’s friendship stems back to their encounter at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Ticino where they teamed up for what would be the first of a long-lasting collaboration: a dissertation on visual communication and children’s narrative thinking.

Known to intervene in the public space with an admirable lightness of touch, for instance by converting elements of road signage into a series of perceptive works, the mischievous duo interacts with our sensorial organs and leads us to reexamine our relationship to our surroundings through delicate, playful and inspiring narratives.


Institut Visuelle Kommunikation

immer donnerstags, um 17.15 Uhr, Raum 1.04 (Aula), Hochhaus (D), Freilager-Platz 1, 4142 Basel/Münchenstein


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